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Quan Yin


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  • A small resin red and gold Quan Yin sat on a lotus flower.
  • Quan Yin is the goddess of mercy and compassion ( Guan Yin, Kuan Yin), she is the most popular of the deity on Chinese altars, trusted and loved by all Chinese people.
  • She is a savior with boundless compassions, a comforter of the sick, frightened and unfortunate. she is believed to protect, cleanse the home of negative influences and illnesses. Her popularity lies in her efforts to eliminate suffering and to make people live in peace and harmony
  • She is also the protector of all women, and will strengthen relationships in the home aswell as a celebrated Goddess of Fertility and Protector of Children.
  • To have a Quan Yin in your house will bring lots of good luck and protection to the household and family.
  • Place this Kuan Yin facing the main entrance of your home to bless you and your family with peace, protection, happiness and safety.
  • Symbol of : Protection, Happiness, Love, Health, Fertility.
    Size: W5.5cm x D5.5cm x H9.5cm.